Velkommen til Namyslo Persians

 Namyslo Persian is a small CFA & FIFe registered Cattery located in Denmark – Seeland.

We are a small cattery. The cats live with us as one big family.
We prefer to keep a low numbers of cats in our Cattery, as we want to give each and everyone of them all the love, care and attention they deserve. We are dedicated to the health of our cats; we only use PKD-DNA tested bloodlines in our breeding program.

Our goal is to create wonderful cats with a short cobby massive body and strong legs, round heads, small well-set ears, lovely big round eyes and with a sweet open expressions and naturally with a wonderful temper.

Our cats lives with us in the house (no cages). Our cats are mainly our pets and our companions. Our kittens are born in our bedroom and are in hands everyday and are well socialized when they are ready to leave home. No kitten is moving away before the age of 12 weeks the least. When they are ready to leave they are full vaccinated

Each of our cats are chosen carefully so that we believe they can make a good backbone for our breeding program. They are mainly imports and after Candirand, Dachsbau, Artemis, Commodore, Harwood, Purrty Katz and Boberan.   

Hope that you will enjoy your visit on our website

Lone & Jan Namyslo
All cats tested PKD neg. by DNA


Vores forsidedreng - Our cowerboy:

JW, Namyslo´s Gustav

Vores forsidepiger  - Our cowergirl:s

Namyslo´s Debbie og Namyslo´s Duchess

We feed our cats with Royal Canin


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