Schahbanus Xanthi of Namyslo

PER d 02
Born: 28-09-2008
CRC Purrty Katz Little Rock
Red White
Harwood Bud Light of Purrty Katz
Harwood This Bud´s for you
Harwood I Love you Man
Harwood Bugsy the Bunny
Harwood Bet Your Bottom Dollar
red White
GRC Harwood Rootin Tootin Cowboy
Harwood No More Opticals DM
Masterclass Amazed of Purrty Katz GRC Purrty Katz Shaggin On the Blvd
Purrty Katz Waitin On Sundown
Purrty Katz Louisiette
Purrty Katz Small Town Saturday Nite
Kinapak After Midnight
Shedan´s My Girl
Richman Afterthoughts of Schahbanu
Dilute Harlequin
US CH Sabby Dusty
Red tabby Van
US CH Candirand Buggzy-Chan of Sabby
Black van
GC Catillak´s Eskimo Joe of Candirand
Candirand´s Mademoiselle
US CH Commondore O Too Cute of Sabby
Calico Van
US CH Byhishands Exhilaration
US CH Harwood Lonnie of Commondore
US CH Sabby Akyra Special
Black van
GC Rhamjoge Magnum PI of Sabby
Black White
GC Catillak Light my Fire of Rhamjoge RW
GC Rhamjoge Faded Glory RW
Farrallon Savannah of Sabby
Calico van
US CH Ocalico Jalapeno of Farallon
US CH Farallon Ray-Of-Light
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